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Aditee Sehgal, Garima Behal, Namrata Kanal, Arshiya Trikha

Social responsibility

Established in 2010, the Giesecke+Devrient Foundation supports projects devoted to education, culture, and intercultural exchange. Its main focus is an international program that invites young people from all over the world to Germany, organized in association with the Goethe Institute. This was expanded in 2016 to include an alumni program in which the four graduates from India took part.

A breath of fresh air


The Giesecke+Devrient Foundation enables young people from all over the world to experience life and work in Germany. Four participants from India report on their stay in Munich.

Anyone seeking to gain a new perspective on everyday life often doesn’t need to do much more than get some fresh air. For Aditee, Arshiya, Garima, and Namrata, four college graduates from India, this fresh air came from a long way away – from Munich, to be precise. These four recipients of Giesecke+Devrient Foundation scholarships were given the opportunity to spend ten weeks at the G+D headquarters in Munich, where they experienced day-to-day work and life a long way from home. The result was a win for both sides. “I was able to really get involved and deliver my own projects – I was very nervous at first, but I soon got used to it,” Garima is proud to relate.

Working days full of new experiences were flanked by exploratory trips around the city and German classes in the evening, which the four college graduates hope will prove a major boost to their academic studies.  “It’s not just about learning the language – there are also lots of things in day-to-day life that you need to experience so you can understand it all properly.”

What are the lasting memories of their adventures in Munich? “The cheerful and peaceful way that people from so many cultures celebrate Oktoberfest,” recalls Namrata. “And how safe the streets are.” Aditee adds: “We will use a lot of what we’ve learned here back at home – and I hope we’ve also left a little bit of India behind in Munich.”

»We will use a lot of what we’ve learned here back at home.«

Dr. Jutta Häusler Group Vice President, Head of Corporate Human Resources

»We value all types of expertise, every opinion, and each individual employee.«

Lifelong learning


A strong and committed team is the best foundation for the future of G+D. In times of technological transformation and social change, supporting employees effectively and attracting new talent to the company represent a real challenge. Dr. Jutta Häusler, Head of Corporate Human Resources at G&D GmbH, explains what lies behind successful HR work.

Digitalization is one of G+D’s strategic priorities. What challenges does it pose for HR, and how are you tackling them?

This issue is important for us in two respects. Firstly, rapid technological and economic change means that our employees need to be flexible and ready to acquire new knowledge all the time. Lifelong learning is becoming essential. That’s why we need to determine what skills are crucial for G+D today and which ones will become important in the future. We take this into consideration when hiring new members of staff, but also with regard to advising existing colleagues appropriately and helping them acquire and develop the necessary abilities. This equally means promoting an organizational culture that supports all aspects of digital trans­formation. Secondly, igitalization also plays a role in operational HR work, of course. We are continually reviewing our HR tools and processes, aligning them with future requirements to ensure the company performs efficiently and remains attractive to applicants.


Nowadays, highly qualified applicants scrutinize their potential employers in considerable detail and are not just focused on career opportunities. What does G+D offer them?

It’s especially important to us that our employees can realize their professional ambitions at every stage of their lives. We offer a flexible working time model with no core working hours. As well as being flexible about when our employees work, we’re also flexible about where that work takes place. We allow them to do their job in an environment that’s right for them, be it a home office or other locations via mobile working. And we support our staff members if their personal circumstances change, which might be through pregnancy, illness, or the need to care for dependent relatives. Last but not least, G+D offers a unique product range and an exciting customer base that includes major global players like BMW and Samsung as well as central banks from all over the world. Our employees can play an active role in developing exceptional technology. Staff members from all departments come together in hackathons and think tanks to work on creative and innovative solutions. We value all types of expertise, every opinion, and each individual employee.


What do you do to support employees in their development?

We provide an extensive range of development measures and tools, which are continually updated to reflect new priorities and challenges. Our primary aim is to identify individual needs and specific requirements relating to each staff member’s tasks and roles – both current and future. On this basis, we work together with management to implement tailored development measures that take into account both the interests of the company and the employee’s own personal goals. Our training portfolio is a key resource here, providing employees with fast access to high-quality training. We also make use of various other development offerings, including individual career guidance, our talent programs, and coaching.


As a senior manager and a mother yourself, how can career and family demands be reconciled successfully?

NunCombining a professional career with family commitments will always be a balancing act. To make it work, several factors need to come together. I myself benefit from the family-friendly culture at G+D. The management team is flexible and happy to consider individual solutions. Mobile working allows me to organize my daily routine effectively. I have also gained from a variety of part-time arrangements in the past. But one thing I’ve learned is that, while companies can create excellent conditions to help women progress in their careers, the support of partners and fathers remains a critical factor. So when it comes to work-life balance, I’m committed to creating an environment that also enables partners to be actively involved in family life and raising children as a matter of coursest. 

Corporate Responsibility at G+D



CR Strategy
Materiality analysisReview of existing CR action areas through internal survey and comparison with customer requirements in Q3–Q4/2017. Outcome: focus CR-related activities on employees, climate and environmental protection, and supplier management. Based on this, development of future CR strategy as a guiding framework for the entire GroupProcess for designing strategic CR framework has started; clarification and definition of specific targets in 2018
Employee Awareness
G+D Award with “Best Sustainability Measure” categoryGroup-wide prize for innovation, technology, and sustainability measures; 2017 “Best Sustainability Measure” awarded for reduction of packaging materials in banknote processing chain between central bank, cash center, and commercial bank12/2017; annual
UN Global Compact progress reportSeventh report as per UN Global Compact requirements, covering progress in 2017Ongoing
G+D Mobile Security: participation in EcoVadis CSR assessment platformAnnual evaluation of G+D Mobile Securitys activities and supporting documentation relating to the environment, working conditions, human rights, fair business practices, and a sustainable supply chain MS1 in top 20% of suppliers evaluated, annual rating
Action Area: Employees
Three-pronged diversity management conceptSelected activities relating to age, gender, and cultural diversity
Demographic changeMeasures aimed at recruiting and retaining young talent, specialist staff, and managers for G+D, such as talent programs/reviewsOngoing
Initiatives to recruit and retain young talent, such as Girls’ Day 2017, Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship ProgramOngoing
Dual master’s study programOngoing
Gender/equal opportunities for womenFemale quota for G+D GmbH: 10% of managers in top tier below Management Board; 20% in second management tierTarget achieved in 2017 for top management tier at 13%, 18% in second management tier
Continuation of gender-sensitive approach to assessing potential in talent management and recruitingOngoing
Cultural diversitySignatory of Diversity Charter (German business initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions), integration of Charter content into training Ongoing
Hackathon internal digital initiative with international mixed teamsEstablished 2017; held twice a year; continuation in 2018
Talent management at both the global and business sector level Following changes to Group structure, realignment of internal program for systematic identification and development of high-potential employees. In addition to main program, focus specifically on staff development requirements in individual business sectorsGroup-wide program and planning of specific programs for MS, CT1, and Veridos 12/2017: nomination process started 05/2018: potential analysis
Group Graduate ProgramInternational Group Graduate Program for five traineesBy 05/2018
Training program for managersCommunication of management principles based on the new G+D values; leadership training for an increasingly digitized workplacePlanning under way; start mid-2018
Encouraging a healthy work/life/caregiving balance“berufundfamilie” certification in accordance with follow-up procedure (highest audit level), with inclusion of the Leipzig printing site in the 10/2016 audit; confirmation that the operational measures adopted or updated are embedded in HR policy and are being rolled out in LeipzigMeasures ongoing until 10/2019, including review and adjustment of shift system at Leipzig printing site; extension of option to work from flexible locations in 2018
Health management and promotionCertification of all major sites to OHSAS 18001; provision of medical check-ups at various subsidiaries, e.g. Spain and India. G+D GmbH: expansion of workplace medical services and occupational health scheme; pilot project carried out on risk assessment of psychological stress. Ergonomics advisers; continuing education program, e.g. stress management, resilience training, ergonomics, back exercises; inclusion of health management as an objective in the framework for the berufundfamilie auditIndependently certified management systems in business sectors and Corporate Center from 2018 onwardsberufundfamilie certificate ongoing until 10/2019; measures from pilot project on risk assessment of psychological stress implemented, including adapting the work environment
Reintegration management programG+D GmbH: program for reintegration management (after sick leave) in accordance with legislation. Process established, preventive healthcare measures developed. Close coordination between reintegration management and the operational analysis and assessment board (occupational health and safety); training of reintegration team as Certified Disability Management Professionals (CDMP)Ongoing
Workplace 2020G+D GmbH: modernization of office/working environment. Further increase workplace flexibility, expand team structures, and embed this approach more strongly in corporate culture. Taking account of psychological stress when planning office space. Consider other ways of boosting employer attractiveness as part of Workplace 2020Since 2016; new working environment for MS R&D in 2017; ongoing
Action Area: Environment
Management system for planning and implementing sustainability measuresCentral standards combined with decentralized responsibility: practical implementation of activities, objectives, and measures is the responsibility of the individual business sectors as of 018018. Centrally defined sustainability indicators in line with GRI standard (energy, CO018 emissions, water, effluents, waste, workplace accidents, work days lost, etc.); information gathered across Group using SoFi software toolCentralized management of standards; implementation became the responsibility of the individual business sectors in 2018
Certification to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001Certified environmental, health and safety management system at all relevant production sites per business sectorDecentralized management systems in new corporate structure; certification in accordance with the revised ISO 14001: 2015 standard in MS, CT, and Corporate Center in Q1/Q2 2018
ISO 50001 certification at CTCertified energy management system for paper mills in Louisenthal and Kšnigstein and at the Leipzig printing siteStrategic energy target for Louisenthal 2017–2021: reduce energy requirements and CO2 consumption by 17% compared with base year 2010 2017: 11% achieved
Corporate carbon footprint (CCF)Generate CCF 2017 for relevant production locations (for entire Group, with ability to break down by business sector). Greenhouse gas emissions reported in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Product carbon footprint (MS): product-related CO2 footprint for cards manufactured at three different European sitesAnnually; climate protection strategy/environmental objectives formulated as framework for business sectors in 2018
Conserving resources in production and site operation (selected examples)Louisenthal (Germany) paper mill: electroplating: hazardous substance potassium dichromate replaced by sodium hydroxide in embossing tool production in the foil facility, FSC certification for security paper production, phased development of heat recycling network using waste heat from the production process for climate control of buildings, own hydroelectric systemG+D MS Australia (savings in card production): color printing reduced by 10%, recycling of co-mingled waste increased by up to 40%, 800kg of special topping foil for cards recycled G+D India (CT): switch to digital documentation, e.g. for contracts or service reports for customersMunich: taking sustainability into account during upgrading work (e.g. switching to LED lighting)Ongoing
EU Energy Efficiency Directive Implementation at all European locations and performance of energy audits at sites without ISO 50001 certificationCompleted at Veridos 12/2017; to be completed at Munich site Q1/2018
Environmentally friendly productsDevelopment/supply of environmentally friendly products, e.g. card bodies made of renewable PLA (polylactic acid); SIM cards in various form factors that use less material; banknote paper made using organically grown cotton comber noil on customer requestOngoing
Dialog with stakeholders on environment and climate protection initiativesParticipation in various climate protection schemes, such as Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and other initiatives, e.g. member of the German Global Compact Network’s Peer Learning Group in conjunction with WWF/CDP; climate reporting partner of Deutsche Telekom; Munich climate pact since 2016, including advice on corporate mobility management; energy efficiency networks initiative; two trainees attended “energy scout” course offered by Chamber of Trade and CommerceOngoing
Employee information and awareness E-learning on occupational health and safety/fire safety for Munich site2018: participation in Sustainability Action Days planned
Other activitiesMunich: installation of beehives to support biodiversity; Mexico: employee reforestation project near Mexico CityOngoing
Action Area: Compliance/anti-corruption
Group-wide Code of ConductCode of Conduct for all employees and business partners; incorporates UN Global Compact, ILO core employment standards, UN Declaration of Human Rights, OHSAS 18001; compliance monitored by Corporate AuditingOngoing
Group restructuringAdjustment of compliance management system (CMS) and compliance organization in line with restructuring of Group, including adaptation of all compliance-relevant management documentsLargely completed
Corporate instruction on complianceDescription of new CMS including all guidelines and regulations, as well as compliance organization in new Group structure2017, ongoing
Employee awareness/ preventive measuresInternational roll-out of compliance training as refresher for all staff, focusing on conflicts of interest and gifts and invitations, plus antitrust law for all managers and selected employeesPreventive measures: regular coordination and agreement within the new compliance organization following restructuring of the Group and enhanced compliance monitoring at local levelOngoing
Statement on the Modern Slavery ActStatement on how G+D addresses human trafficking and forced labor in the supply chain in accordance with the requirements of British Modern Slavery ActPublished 07/2017
WhistleblowingIntroduction of a web-based, Group-wide reporting system for compliance violationsImplemented since 10/2017
Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI)G+D a founding member; in 2017, in new company structure, audit of G+D Currency Technology GmbH subgroup by independent auditor and accreditation for a further three yearsCompleted 10/2017
CMS auditCompliance management system audit in line with Assurance Standard 980 of the German Institute of Public AuditorsCT 2017, MS 2018, Veridos 2018
Business partner evaluationReview and adaptation of processes for business partner evaluation based on risk-oriented best practice in conjunction with a law firmLargely completed
Sustainable Supply Chain
Corporate procurement handbookInclusion of environmental criteria in supplier selection processQ1/2018
Supplier self-disclosure (CT and MS)Extension of supplier self-disclosure (supplier questionnaire) to include environmental and social aspectsQ1/2018
Supplier audits (CT and MS)MS: audit of 20–30% of active A and B suppliersCT: audit of approx. 5–10% of active A and B suppliers Expansion of audit plan and corresponding checklist to include sustainability issuesFrom 2018; annual
Group-wide supplier assessment also via business partner evaluationResults of compliance management system audit in accordance with Assurance Standard 980 of the German Institute of Public Auditors show the majority of suppliers have been assessed as part of Group-wide business partner evaluationOngoing
MS: bill of material (BOM) check for suppliersExpansion of product environmental management system BOMcheck (online database) to record and check contents of materials supplied, including conflict minerals in accordance with Dodd-Frank ActOngoing
Corporate Citizenship
Giesecke+Devrient FoundationParticular focuses include Museum of the Printing Arts in Leipzig, an international development program for young people from Asia in partnership with the Goethe Institute, an alumni program (see above „A breath of fresh air“)since 2016, various other projectsOngoing
Corporate volunteering programVolunteering program (launched in 2012) involving social projects, such as construction work and meeting events, as well as participation in My Finance Coach project designed to teach schoolchildren how to manage money responsiblyOngoing