Annual Report 2017


Creating Confidence

Security, trust, and quality of life – Giesecke+Devrient is committed to achieving these three objectives and making everyday life easier for billions of people around the globe. What began as an ambitious startup in the 19th century is now a major international group that combines the expertise and passion of over 11,600 employees across 32 countries. Every single staff member strives to meet a common goal: progress, not for its own sake, but first and foremost to benefit people’s lives. As the initiator of this progress, we often remain in the background. After all, the emphasis should be on the gains for our customers, not on who delivered them. Looking back at fiscal 2017, we can reflect on a successful year that paved the way for further growth. Facing forward, CEO Ralf Wintergerst outlines our strategy for the future.

We see our success as confirmation of our G+D philosophy. Once again, we have been able to demonstrate the compelling advantages of our technologies and services to customers from the state sector and private industry. We have also again played our part in meeting the constantly increasing need for security within our society. 

  • ­We make payment processes safer, thus strengthening people’s trust in each other.
  • ­We protect identities and ensure passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and many other means of authentication are secure.
  • ­We guarantee the connectivity of mobile applications as an essential prerequisite for modern communication, both in private life and in the workplace.
  • ­We also pursue new and innovative solutions for IT and data security and provide our customers with a fully protected digital environment for their data and infrastructures.

In this annual report, we take a look at the people behind Giesecke+Devrient’s success stories. In „Our Markets and Solutions“ we introduce some of the customers who have chosen our products, as well as staff members who are likewise motivated and inspired by the quality of what we offer. These examples reveal what no report or figures alone could ever show: the vital relevance of what we do for people’s day-to-day activities and quality of life.

At a Glance

Giesecke+Devrient Group

EUR million20172016Change
Capital expenditure94.9101.7–6.7%
Research and development125.7111.512.7%
EBITDA (adjusted)234.4232.20.9%
EBIT (adjusted)129.8125.23.7%
Net income67.052.527.6%
Employees as of December 3111,60011,3002.7%

Sales by Subgroup

Company Structure

Giesecke+Devrient Group

Head office: Munich         Number of employees: 11,600        Sales:EUR 2,136 million

G+D Currency Technology

Head office: Munich

Core expertise: Solutions for the entire banknote lifecycle

G+D Mobile Security

Head office: Munich

Core expertise: Solutions for secure and convenient digital mobility



Head office: Berlin

Core expertise: Solutions for identity management and verification


Head office: Essen

Core expertise: Solutions for reliable, high-quality IT security

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